Saturday, April 28, 2012

Greener Weddings, Growing Local Wedding Flowers

Ouch!  You may have thought I was in a fight with all the scratches I had on my face and arms.  We have been working on our overgrown, bramble property, reclaiming it to grow flowers.

Even gloves did not help.  My finger got poked by a rose thorn and it became very scary swollen. After we cleared the brush, we burned most of it.

Our tiller conked out on us, so we had to hand turn over all of the dirt; two times!  Good thing my hubby is such a good sport, and a good digger.  This is only a small part of the reclaimed area.  Weeds be gone!

Plants researched, flowers ordered or started from seed.  Lots of spring planting done, and more to come.  Can't wait for everything to start blooming and using the flowers for our wedding flower business.  A little gift for all of our hard work, these tulips are what started our flower growing project.

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