Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tall Timbers, Reynoldsburg, Ohio, Wedding and Event Venue

Last weekend we had the pleasure of setting up for a wedding at Tall Timbers, Reynoldsburg, Ohio.  The staff was very friendly and helpful and it was so nice to have a water source near the reception area so that we could set up our centerpieces.

At one venue last year we were told to use the men's restroom for water.  Oh my...what a day that was.  We, (2 ladies), were filling up vases for submerged flowers and suddenly the toilet flushed.  We went running out of that men's restroom as fast as we could and parked ourselves on a bench as if nothing happened, except we were panting from scurrying so fast.  Then...after what seemed like ages of waiting non-chalantly on the bench, we peeked into the men's restroom to check on that poor soul we interrupted only to find out we somehow set off the automatic flusher and no one was in the stall the whole time! 

Back to Tall Timbers...last weekend's wedding was held on site and the reception followed.  The Bride's room for getting ready on site was a bit small and warm, which might be a problem if you have more than 5 people getting ready, plus a photographer.  There is a restroom nearby that could be used as overflow space.  We delivered the wedding party flowers with ice packs in convenient delivery boxes that we stored on the shelf located in the room, which made more room for all the girls to get ready.

Here is a picture of the centerpiece that the Bride loved...and cost less money than a do it yourself centerpiece because the vases, mirrors, flowers, ribbon, delivery and set up were all provided.  What a relief it was to the Bride too!

We are going back to Tall Timbers next weekend, but this time for a reception set up.  The friendly staff and close water source helps make our delivery and set up go smoothly, and no need to run away from flushing toilets, lol.

Tall Timbers update!  Here is a picture of our tall cylinder calla lily centerpieces that everyone was raving about.  A very elegant flower centerpiece statement, but very cost effective because the vases, mirrors, flowers, delivery and set up were all provided.  My partner devised a method that anchors the calla lily and bends them for that dramatic, showy, but elegant effect.

The Brides ivory and pink color scheme truly highlighted this beautiful floral display.   We are going to Tall Timbers again soon, and love being a preferred florist there.  Please call us to be your wedding or special event florist at Tall Timbers toll free, 1-888-401-7363.

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