Wednesday, June 1, 2011

365 Days of Flowers...Day 5, Calla Lily

Here is a picture of the tools used in today's modern design; a rectangular vase, floral shears, plastic pearls and calla lily.

The stem placements for the sleek modern calla lily design I sketched were driving me crazy.

 I tried a new technique to bend the calla lily.  I peeled off a little bit of the stem on the opposite side of the curve that I wanted to make.

The stem peel works okay, and the stem was easier to manipulate without folding, but it also made the stem slimy and difficult to work with.  I prefer my old method of taking a room temperature calla lily and gently running my thumb down the shaft while gradually bending the calla.  I will use the stem peel only if I need alot of bend in the calla stem, like bending the stem into a circle.

Next I bound my lily stems with wire and tied a spider plant leaf around the stems to disguise the wire.

Finished...finally.  The simplicity is deceiving!  Not only were the calla stems difficult to work with today, the pictures from my camera were giving me a hard time too...they kept loading sideways!  Short of asking you to skew your head to see the design, I finally got the pictures formatted...whew!

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