Friday, March 11, 2011

Prom Flowers 2012

Yikes!  Despite our very best efforts to sponsor a prom flower sale, the school said the sale was a no-go.  We are totally frustrated, but are doing our best to fulfill our commitment to sell prom flowers.

This year Blooming Flowers is offering Prom flowers for all local high schools. 

Orders may be placed by phone or email. We are offering a spectacular prom special of a wristlet and boutonniere for $35 plus tax, if your order is placed by April 2nd. Tell us your dress color, and select your bracelet, (see pictures below of dress colors and bracelets).  Then tell us if you want traditional or designer styled flowers.    

Making your prom flowers unique is what we specialize in, so tell us if you want feathers, jewels or other details to compliment your style, dress and or tux.

We also offer hair flowers, ankle flowers or small bouquets, just ask!

Payment is due by April 2nd by check, cash or credit card using Paypal.  If paying by credit card, a $2.00 service charge will be added to your order.

Delivery for Teays Valley Prom will be April 14th, morning of prom, from 9am-12 noon.

Easy ordering by calling 1-888-401-7363 or email or

Select your dress color:
Dress Color

 Select your keepsake bracelet:

Cinnamon Red

Green Apple



Cotton Candy Pink, light pink
Purple Sugar Plum

Charcoal Bubble Bath

Pink Bubble Bath, medium pink

Icy Mint Gum Drop



Sophisticated Lady

Silver Twisty

White Sugar

For a keepsake bracelet after prom, simply cut the ribbons between the plastic disk and bracelet.  Your flowers will now be separate from the bracelet.

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