Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Creating a Dance list of Wedding Music

If you are planning your "song" or any of your wedding or event dance on! 

Dear hubby shocked me and surprised me with ballroom dancing lessons...sweet!  We checked out some tunes that are pre-packaged as a set for ballroom dancing, but thought we would like more selection with our songs...and maybe some songs from this century.

I started searching songs on Pandora, but got really discouraged when it kept playing songs that were "similar" to the song I chose, not the actual song,  and I couldn't skip through their suggested songs.  Arrrrgh!  After a few hours of Pandora nonsense, I gave up and decided  to find music on YouTube. That was a bit frustrating too, until I landed on this website, Wedding Dance Music

The Wedding Dance Music website lists songs in alphabetical order that you can dance to, but it also tells you the best type of dance that best fits the rhythm.

To make our dance list even easier, dear hubby bought an itunes card so we can preview and buy songs on the itunes site, and download them to our dance file.  Now, we can select which songs we want to practice to, or play through them all.

Here are a few of my favorite ballroom dance songs, and I will be adding more as we find them :)

"Open Arms", by Journey, for the Waltz
"My Girl", by the Temptations, for the Rumba
"Only You", by the Platters, for the Foxtrot
"Kiss from a Rose", by Seal, for the Waltz
"Misery", by Pink (I like the Steven Tyler duet too), for the Waltz

Please share your great songs for dancing, by posting a comment below. I would also like to hear about other types of dances you are planning. 

Enjoy, and keep on dancing!

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