Thursday, June 2, 2011

365 Days of Flowers...Day 6, Hair Flowers

Hair flowers are becoming very popular accessories for prom, homecoming and weddings.  Here is a cute little hair flower technique that is easy to do and wear!  My hair is very fine, and bobby pins usually fall out, but I loved this flower so much that I wore it all, weeding, looked great and didn't fall out.  I used one bobby pin to fasten it in place.  The flower is a dianthus, so it is long lasting and also has a slight fragrance.

This is a photo of my supplies and materials for today's hair flower project.  The flowers were cut this morning and allowed to hydrate in warm water mixed with flower food.

I trimmed the dianthus stem under the calyx.  Notice how big the calyx is so tempting to cut through the calyx for a lower profile, but don't do it!  The flower will fall apart.  I tried it, lol!  I used the petals that fell off of my first flower and glued them to the second flower with OASIS cold glue so the new flower would have a fuller profile.  This is called making a composite flower.

Next I pierced the calyx with a lightweight floral wire using the piercing technique, bent the wires down, and wrapped them around the stem, then finished with floral tape.

Finished!  Here is another version of this hair flower technique, using a spray rose.  You can trim the rose stem shorter, since the wire gets pierced through the rose ovary.

A quick little project, but oh so cute!

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