Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Flowers

I have been thinking and planning for a few weeks on how to bring a rustic feel to our church Thanksgiving potluck. After many futile hours of drilling holes to set OASIS foam down into a log, a friend suggested I build the arrangement on top of the log, and cover the foam mechanics with moss.  Thinking about this problem for awhile, I decided to use the little green round plastic design bowls; they worked perfectly.  The flowers were easier to transport separate from the logs and the arrangements could be taken home easily after the event.

Dear hubby and our friend Ed helped with all of the "log logistics"...the cutting and drilling of the wood.  The tall logs were difficult to cut square, but the shorter ones at 4" tall worked perfectly.  The only 8" log to be square enough to use, is shown in the picture above.

To dress up the plastic table cloths up a bit, I purchased two yards of burlap and simply cut it into five, 14" pieces.  I was going to sew the long edge, but they were holding up ok, with only a little bit of fraying and since I was short on time, I left them unsewn.  The burlap runners are about five feet long.

The candles pictured above were my favorite decoration for this event.  Dear hubby used a chop saw to cut twelve pieces of wood from a 4 inch diameter log.  I started drilling them with a 1 1/2 inch drill bit and drilled down far enough to fit the Hobby Lobby tea lights that were on sale, 100 for $3.  They are supposed to have a 3-5 hour burn time, but I pre-tested them and got only 1 1/2 hour burn time.  Sooo, I found some different tea lights that also had a 3-5 hour burn time, but the candle itself was thicker and had more wax.  My husband used a drill press to drill deeper holes, so now the bigger tea light fit down into the log.

A few fall silk leaves scattered on the tables added to the festivities.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a very blessed Thanksgiving!

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